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Will Technology Change the Way We Shop in Stores?

Greetings fellow buzzers! It is fun to think of all of the different kinds of ways that technology has changed our lives. It’s even more fun to think about all of the different ways that technology will continue to change our lives in the future. One thing that I don’t really stop to think about often is how much technology is going to change the way we shop in brick and mortar stores.


How many of us already shop while using an app in a store? How many of us visit a store’s website while we are walking through the aisles? These are changes that have taken place more rapidly over the past decade or so, but there are more changes on the horizon.

One great way that technology is going to enhance our retail shopping experience, is by incorporating virtual reality technology. There have already been a handful of Lowe’s stores that have included a new program into their stores called “Holoroom”. The great concept with Holoroom is that it allows consumers to create and renovate parts of their home, and then view the room in virtual reality, without having to actually do any physical work to their homes to see the results.

Another fantastic example of technology that is in the works is a concept that is referred to as “lower-friction” shopping, which means that no one will have to wait in line to pay for purchases anymore. The technology allows customers to be able to pay for items in-store just by walking under or near designated hot-spots. How incredible would it be to be able to go shopping without ever having to wait in a forever line? The possibilities for the future of the in-store shopping experience sound very exciting and seem promising. It will be so much fun to see what other innovations the future will hold!

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One thought on “Will Technology Change the Way We Shop in Stores?

  1. Good points! I never really thought about how different things have become since the implementation of modern technology. The brick and mortar shopping experience has become far more dynamic in the sense that our devices now provide a unique “dual platform” stage. This is something that more companies would be wise to catch on to and modify. For instance, if you are on a stores app and shopping in a certain section, a series of notifications may appear enticing you to take part in a promotion?



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