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Yes, Privacy Matters, Even When It Comes to Marketing

Hello again fellow buzzers! There doesn’t seem to be many limits to how far companies will go to reach a target audience.  There are many different types of methods and tactics utilized by marketers to reach consumers. Most of these tactics I feel like are pretty ethical, but some of the more modern tactics seem to be crossing a line in the opinions of some.


One of the tactics that seem to be starting up a bit of a firestorm is the practice of monitoring a customer’s cellphone signal in stores, and gathering data and information from in store tracking. Some customers take the stance that as long as the data tracking provides some extra value to their shopping experience, they don’t mind so much being monitored in the stores.

The root of the controversy behind the in-store marketing seems to stem from the option to “opt in” or “opt out” of the various store apps or websites. If the customer is automatically opted in to a website, then there is a line that seems to be crossed. If a customer is given a notification, as well as the option to download an app or a website, then the feeling is that no harm is done.

Personally, I feel as if this type of marketing is a bit invasive. I have been using store apps, and searching store websites while I shop for several years. The difference is that I personally go to the sites or use the app at my leisure and of my own choosing. I think it is great when stores want to create a user-friendly website, or a very convenient app, but I for one do not want a store to push their information on me if I am not looking for it.  Tell me about a sale when I am in your store, point me in the direction of a good bargain when I walk in, but don’t track me, and don’t record data from my phone, or I won’t come back.

Attention, Shoppers: Store Is Tracking Your Cell

What do you think of In-Store Tracking?

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