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Should Grocery Stores Recruit Bloggers to Increase Business?

Greetings again, fellow buzzers. Let’s talk about a trending topic in the world of grocery retail. That trending topic of course, being the topic of emerging media and how it can help aid the sales numbers of grocery chains. I have seen other types of companies, such as clothing retailers and automotive companies who have attempted successfully to use bloggers and connections to social media to promote their sales and brands, but can grocery store chains capitalize on the same type of success?


I have read stories about some grocery stores in the state of Texas who have already had some success with using bloggers to promote different in store products. The trick to success seems to be finding a promotional theme that can carry well across other social media channels. Thinking about November, and the impending Thanksgiving holiday, I could easily see holiday specials being a point of focus for bloggers and grocery store chains. A great idea would be to have specific bloggers focus on writing about store brand products, and then showing an entire Thanksgiving meal that could be made by using exclusively store brand items. The popularity of store brand items would surge, and it would be an added bonus to help consumers save some extra cash by steering them towards store brand items over national brand items. Check out these links to find out more information about how blogging is impacting the grocery industry.

The Best Promotion in the Grocery Industry

The Most Recent Deals in DC


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