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Personalizing the Grocery Shopping Experience.


Sometimes it feels like emerging media can impact almost any aspect of daily life. In fact, I am almost fairly certain that emerging media CAN impact almost any aspect of daily life. A great example of this can be found with such a mundane task as grocery shopping. Remember when saving money at the grocery store could only done by clipping the coupons that were found in the Sunday paper? My oh my, how times have changed. Two fantastic examples of how the grocery shopping experience has changed can be found with Safeway’s “Just for You” program, and Giant Foods “My Giant Card” online enrollment.

Safeway’s “Just for You” program is a pretty great and innovative idea for a grocery store. Just like the Giant Foods “My Giant Card” program, you first begin by registering your store card online. Once you register your card online, you start to receive offers in your email for coupons that are targeted specifically to you based off of what you have purchased in the past. Therefore, you could download deals and  coupons on your card that were different than other customers, because those discounted items were primarily selected “just for you”. Using the “My Giant Card” program, Giant Foods began a very similar program, which would allow customers to download coupons using their store discount cards. Going online and visiting the sites of the respective grocery stores would allow customers to download coupons along with free promotional items that would not be able to be obtained without a visit to the website.


These forms of emerging media have proven to be very successful marketing campaigns for grocery chains. While some of us still spend some time clipping the old fashioned coupons out of the Sunday paper, others who don’t want to spend that time can usually still find the same savings within just a few quick moments on either a computer, a tablet, or other mobile device.



One thought on “Personalizing the Grocery Shopping Experience.

  1. Media Buzzer,

    Personalization is absolutely the future of marketing; however, having that personalized touch with a broad consumer base is not an easy task to accomplish. In fact, even when marketing teams feel as though they are doing a good job reaching their customers in a personalized way, the same customers that they are trying to reach often have a very different perspective. A 2015 Forrester survey found that, “While 66% of marketers rate their efforts at personalization as “very good” or “excellent,” just 31% of consumers report companies are consistently delivering personalized, cross-channel experiences.” In addition, and equally important, only “16% of marketers surveyed currently have the capability to capture customer intent and deliver real-time, behavior-based marketing across all channels.”

    The leaders is personalization will be the copmanies that effectively leverage data to target their consmers but don’s bombard those consumers with advertisements. Grocery strores certainly have the ability to lead in this area.

    Great post,

    Data cited from an article called “Engage With Customers One-To-One”


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