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Media is All Around Us


Greetings fellow buzzers. We are surrounded by emerging media every where we go. Most of us are plugged in to social media on various different platforms and are exposed to exuberant amounts of emerging media on a daily basis. Emerging media is the combination of communication and technology. The most interesting thing about emerging media is that it is always evolving. Blogs, chats, posts, tweets,  videos, images, and photos all work together to create a beautiful social media landscape.

It is pretty incredible how many businesses and how many professions recognize emerging media and social media as an integral part of their business plans. The days of using just the television and radio to advertise a company or product are gone. Products, services, companies, brands, they are all plugged in to different forms of emerging media. Did you ever think you would see the day when you could tweet with Mr. Clean or Tony the Tiger? I know I never did. And yet…here we are! The truth is if brands aren’t utilizing trends in emerging media, then they are missing the boat. Join me as we take a closer look this semester into the different forms and benefits of emerging media.


Mr. Clean Twitter

Tony the Tiger Twitter

Examining How Social and Other Emerging Media Are Being Used in Public Relations

Emerging Media: Marketers, Its Time to Move

2 thoughts on “Media is All Around Us

  1. Todd,

    Those are great examples that you provided. I think that you would be pretty hard pressed to find a new consumer focused business that didn’t have a significant investment in and strategy around social media and other emerging media types. There was a Newsweek article written back in 1995 that made the arguement that the Internet was just a fad and that businesses wouldn’t be able to leverage it to sell products and conduct business. The article was obviously grossly wrong. Twenty-one years later, social media and other emerging media types have brought on the same transformation that the Internet initially brought so many years ago. You can connect like never before – and if you aren’t leveraging it, you are going to be left behind.

    Here is a link to the article:


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    1. Thanks for your comments, Brian. It is painfully obvious that the Internet was definitely not just a fad! I think it is amazing just how much the Internet has changed the world as we know it. I love that we have the opportunity to write blogs and even take college courses from virtually anywhere in the world thanks to the Internet.

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